Nine Photographs/Cross Connect Magazine

Six Photographs/Anti-Heroin Chic


Ostap and Pig/The Sun Magazine

Anarchy Rock/Eleuthera Press, Italy

“Six Photographs/Poesy #31,35,36,37

Four Mixed Media Collages/Letterhead

Oiled Bird/Monterey Bay Aquarium Newsletter

Lviv Graffiti House/Farfelu Magazine Issue #8

Two Photographs/Terra Incognita #6

Ten Photographs/The Newport Review




One Poem/Calamus Journal

Four Poems/Otoliths

Two Collage Poems/right hand pointing

Three Poems/right hand pointing

As Khepri was rolling his great dung ball across the sky/The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society

Our Possessions All Have Magical Qualities/Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal

The bird on the outstretched branch/SONIC BOOM


Great Death Gives Way/Poetry WTF?!

Two Poems/The Literary Bohemian

Three Poems/Cascadia Review

It Was Like Godzilla Going Through the Woods/The Gambler Magazine

Notes in My Barefoot Voice/Verbatim Poetry

Zanzibar, Tanzania 2004/Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine

Three Poems/Literary Orphans

The Tomb of Uncompleted Expectations/MonkeyBicycle

Soldiers’ Stories/Canary

Border Crossing/In Posse Review

Istanbul, Turkey; September, 1997/The Pedestal Magazine

Lviv Ukraine, Fall 1995/Brick and Mortar Review


Poetry Is/Quincunx #35


Isis/Quincunx #30

White Tiger/Found Poetry Review

Two Poems/Breadcrumb Scabs

Two Poems/Letterhead

Shing/Chiron Review

Tethered- Review of Off-Line/Zen Baby

Review of Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm/Guild of Outsider Writers

Narnians Now!/400 Words

West Oakland, 1985/Taj Mahal Review

Three Poems/Monterey Poetry Review

Four Poems/Newport Review

RANT/In Your Face

Four Poems; One Flash Fiction/Prosodia

Three Poems/Hot Type

A Loss Of Faith/ The Walrus


On a Planet Called Earth
(Rinky Dink Press, 2019)

Instructions for the Apocalypse (Dancing Girl Press, 2016)

People Live Here (Origami Poems Project, 2015)

PamyatCelo/Memory Village (Premier Poets Chapbook Series: 33, 2007)


Roots & Routes: Poetics at New College of California (Vernon Press, 2020)

56 Days of August (Five Oaks Press, 2017)

America Is Not The World (Pankhearst Press, 2016)


2nd Place Poetry Contest Winner/Brick and Mortar Review