I began making postcards from my art and photography twenty years ago, and have continued to expand my collection. I love giving my cards away, but have also sold them online and in brick and mortar storefronts.  Modes of distribution for these small gems of mailable art will continue to evolve, but I am committed to the postcard as a source of creative expression and vehicle for communication.


Squatters’ Press

Online journal concerning issues of migration; habitat loss (for all species); income inequality. Photos by me. Writing by others.


Popcorn Zine:

My first zine: in-progress. Themes include a “From the Archives” section circa California Bay Area 1980s/1990s, including transcripts of interviews and conversations made on cassette tapes from 1985-1995. I will also have a “Notes from Ukraine” section in many issues.


Ukrainian Photo Project:

A long-term project of my analog photography taken between 1995 and 1997, as well as some from 2001, in and around Ukraine. I also plan to make photo books and/or zines with these images in the future.