Popcorn Zine

Limited edition zine. May include collage work, writing, correspondence, transcripts, etc.



Many decades ago, while travelling through Germany by train, an Italian man handed me a gift—a postcard of a Moise Jacobber painting—signed on the back: Da Giovanni. This exchange taught me the value of a postcard: they are small, lightweight, inexpensive, yet are able to hold a signature, a note, an artistic memory. I have been committed to the postcard as a source of creative expression and vehicle for communication ever since. I began making postcards of my photography in the 1990s, and have expanded my inventory to include images of my art, collage and found poetry. Though I have sold my cards online and in brick and mortar storefronts, I especially enjoy giving my postcards away, and distributing them via Mail Art/zine communities.


Super-8 and Audio Cassette conversion

In 1981 I shot a silent super-8 film in Boston’s “Combat Zone” which later screened at the Santa Cruz Film Festival; San Francisco’s Artists’ Television Access; and Seattle’s Emerald Reels Super-8 Lounge. In 1982 I made another super-8 film: A Lineman Is Better Than A Man Who Hands You A Line, which juxtaposed sound and image to explore our treatment of one another in personal relationships. The soundtrack for A Lineman morphed into The Cassette Tape Project; from 1985-1995 I carried around a cassette tape recorder and collected over 2,340 hours of taped sound, interviews and conversations. It would be nice to covert all this material, and other miscellaneous film footage, into a digital format.


Ukrainian Photo Project

A long-term project of my analog photography taken in and around Ukraine between 1995-1997 and 2001. Several of these photos have been published in books and literary journals, and I have incorporated others into my collage work. I have yet to publish a more substantive collection of these images, which is a project I work toward as I unearth more negatives and slides from my archives.