Once upon a time I was traveling through Germany by train when an Italian man gave me a postcard as a gift. That small gesture touched me, and I have been committed to the postcard as a source of creative expression and vehicle for communication ever since. I began making postcards of my own art in the 1990s, and have sold them online and in brick and mortar storefronts; but I especially enjoy giving my postcards away, and distributing them via Mail Art/zine communities.


Popcorn Zine:

Limited edition art-collage zine. May include collage work; writing; correspondence; transcriptions, etc. First Issue in progress.


Ukrainian Photo Project:

A long-term project of my analog photography taken in and around Ukraine between 1995-1997 and 2001. Several of these photos have been published in books and literary journals, and I have incorporated others into my collage work. I have yet to publish a more substantive collection of these images, which is a project I work toward as I unearth more negatives and slides from my archives.