Between Spirit and Stone

Ken Paul Rosenthal’s latest film explores the life and work of Berkeley Street Poet Julia Vinograd. I met Ken in the late 1980s when we were both taking film courses from George Kuchar at the San Francisco Art Institute.



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I joined flickr in 2007 as a naïve newbie to online platforms. As art and photo editor for the now defunct Newport Review, I perused flickr to find photographers and artists, and found the community to be one of vibrant artistic exchange. Unaware that Yahoo had acquired flickr in 2005, I was gobsmacked when I and thousands of others were locked out of our flickr accounts overnight—after Yahoo’s initial data breach in 2013. I was finally able to retrieve my account in 2020, but only after I had discovered the above site. I post it here to raise awareness about the proliferation of facial recognition datasets and their exploitation, both online and in public space. 



An amazing project that allows people from all over the world to exchange postcards.


Radio Garden

Listen to music from radio stations around the globe—live streaming from anywhere.


Srinivas Kuruganti 

I met Srinivas in the 1980s, when we worked together at  pizza parlor on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California. He is one of my favorite photographers, and I am always checking in to view his burgeoning archives.